Current Series

This Jesus

Advent - God with Us

During this holiday season, join us as we reflect on the beauty of Jesus as Immanuel, or God with Us. Celebrate with us this season as we worship God for humbly coming to His people in human flesh and making His dwelling among us!

Restoring the Broken: Rebuild

God led Nehemiah to join with His people not to merely rebuild a wall, but to call His beloved children towards repentance and restoration in Him. Through the Book of Nehemiah, we discover how God is seeking to restore His people to Himself!

Advent - Arrival of the King

Celebrate and remember the coming of King Jesus this holiday season. This Advent series focuses on the hope, peace, love and joy of the arrival of Christ!

Gospel Rhythms

We don’t see church as a building you go to; rather, we see ourselves as the church living normal life with Gospel intentionality. As Christ’s people, we try not to add a bunch of extra things to our already busy lives. Instead, we try to capitalize on what we are already doing in life—doing regular life with gospel intentionality.


The motivation for our vision, and how we structure and form all we do, flow from the gospel. We must get the flow right. We first start with God, who has most clearly and powerfully revealed Himself in Jesus Christ (Doctrine — what we believe). It is then through Jesus' life and work we rightly receive and understand who we are, both as individuals and as a community (Identity — who we are). Then, in knowing who Jesus is and who we are in light of Him, we come to know how we ought to live in the everyday stuff of life (Rhythms — how we live). 


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